Winter Phonemic Awareness

In my school district, the speech-language pathologists were asked to work with at-risk Kindergarten students on phonemic awareness skills.  I have a group of four students who I see four times a week, a half hour each day.  I focus on the foundational skills of phonemic awareness.  The main areas we target are: recognizing and producing rhyme, counting and blending syllables, blending onset and rimes, isolating and pronouncing initial, medial, and final phonemes in CVC words.

I wanted to make an activity that targets some of these skills and has a winter sort of theme.  The following activity is what I came up with:

The first activity is Clapping Syllable Bears.  My students had fun with this activity. 
The students picked a card and then I read the word while they clapped the syllables.  If they clapped out the syllables correctly, they got to keep the card.
The next activity is Blending Mono-syllable Words Koalas.  These cute koalas accent a simple actvitiy where the students blend the onset and rime to create words.

The third activity is Recognizing Rhymes Bake Sale.  Students pick a card and I read the two words on the card out loud.  The students then determine if the two words rhyme and put them on a plate that either says rhyme or does not rhyme.

The final activity is a board game that works on rhyme production.  There are 27 cards and a game board for this activity.  Students pick a card and state a word that rhymes with the word on the card.  If they are correct, they can move their game piece the number of spaces indicated on the card.  My students always beg for games, so they have a lot of fun with this one.


You can find this activity at my TPT store.  Please check it out, and provide feedback.

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