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Speech and language resources that are geared toward preschool and early elementary school SLPs, teachers, and parents to help strengthen their students’ communication.

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Students search for, say, and color ten different articulation words for 24 different sounds in all positions of words.

Three different interactive books that focus on winter nouns, actions, and clothing. Students complete sentences with interactive picture pieces.

Two sets of calendars that focus on articulation and language skills for each day of the month. These are great for quick and easy extra practice at home.

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I’m a speech-language pathologist who loves working with the preschool population. I love using visual supports, toys, and games, and making therapy fun for kids! Thanks for coming with me to explore new ideas!

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two paper turkeys in front of a page of articulation words

Fun Turkey Time in the Speech and Language Room

Do you celebrate Thanksgiving in your speech room? If not, you may want to try it! There are so many fun activities and books that you can use to target speech and language goals at Thanksgiving. Your students will love this craft!  Try this easy turkey craft. It requires a


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