Spring Articulation Ideas!

Spring articulation ideas for speech therapy sessions.

Spring is coming!!!!  I don’t know what it is about this winter, but I have never been more ready for spring before.  I can’t wait for warmer temperatures, the smell of rain and flowers, and some warm sun on my face.  I also can’t wait to use all of the cute ideas I have been starting to collect with my preschool articulation/phonological students!

Bunny Ball Poppers!
I found these bunny ball poppers at The Dollar Tree.  What a great find!  $1 for ball poppers!  Definitely going to keep this in mind throughout the year.  Hopefully they will continue to put out more of these for my collection.
My students LOVE to pop this little guy!  I have my students say their word multiple times or in a sentence before they get to pop the popper.  Then they have fun taking target practice!

Spring articulation ideas for speech therapy sessions.

Chick Wind-up Toys!
Another Dollar Tree find was this cute chick wind-up toy. My preschoolers have really been getting into my wind-up toys, so I thought I would try this one out with a simple activity.  I laid out my articulation cards and wound up the chick.  Whichever cards she touched I had the students say.

Spring articulation ideas for speech therapy sessions.

Glue and Say Spring Articulation!
Glue and Say Articulation: Spring is a new activity that I created to go along with my Glue and Say series.  I have every sound you need to target in this packet in all positions of words.  Students cut out the pictures (I do this for my preschoolers to save tons of time) and then glue them into the boxes provided. Head over to my TpT store to grab this no-prep activity.

 Glue and Say Articulation: Spring

 Glue and Say Articulation: Spring
Here is a spring bulletin board that I made that used articulation words placed on flowers.  My students made a whole garden!  
Spring Bulletin Board for Speech Therapy
Have fun getting ready for spring in your room!  I know I can’t wait!

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