Superhero Bulletin Board

This year, my school wide theme is superheroes!  I love the theme, as I feel we all have superpowers within ourselves.

I have a large bulletin board outside my room that I love to decorate once or twice a year.  Sometimes I will put projects that my students have worked on, but sometimes I just pick something that goes with our theme and kind of stick to that for the year.  This year I had a vision of a city skyline with superheroes flying around.  I started with my basic blue background (fabric that I put on the board three years ago and still looks great).  Then, I took a large piece of black paper from the bulletin board paper roll.  I freestyle cut out the city buildings in one large piece (really not that hard-I promise).  I put that up on the board, and then I had to cut out all of the tiny yellow windows.  I asked the kindergarten teacher across the hall from me to please remind me next time I had an idea like this that cutting out hundreds of tiny pieces of paper is not fun!

I glued all of the tiny yellow piece onto the black paper to create the windows.  I also divided the buildings up using a white crayon.

I wish now that I had made my title “We Are Super Communicators!”  I might have to add the “we are” at a later date now that the title came to me.  Have I mentioned though that I hate moving letters around on bulletin boards?!?!

For my little superheroes, I used a set from Pink Cat Studio that you could find HERE.  I also found the superhero speech bubbles in her store HERE.  If you don’t want to buy a whole packet of clipart though, you could use speech bubbles like these that I found from another of my favorite artists, Educlips.

I am planning on putting together another bulletin board game like I did last year to fit my superhero theme.  Look for that soon, as I will probably have some freebies to help you create one too.

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