Spring and Summer People Sentences

I love using my product called Spring People Sentences.  It was one of my first products, and something I actually use all of the time (during the season).  Last week, I was using it, and realized that I had some great new spring clip art that I would love to see used on the mats.  Well, this turned into me completely revamping the product!

This is a product that targets third person pronouns in a really simple way.  There are mats with sentence starters, and mats that are blank.  Both sets contain a boy, a girl, and a pair (they).  The mats with sentence starters simply state: He/She/They have a ______.   There are 24 different items for the student to comment about.

This activity targets not only the pronouns of he, she, and they, but can also target a variety of spring vocabulary.  My students love picking a picture to use in their sentences!

So, while I was revamping my spring pronoun packet, I decided to redo my Summer People Sentences too!  

The layout of these mats are exactly the same as the spring version, just with summer vocabulary.

You can get these packets here:
Spring People Sentences
Summer People Sentences

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