Tips and Tricks on Tuesdays: Storing Tiny Cards

Welcome to my new installment: Tips and Tricks on Tuesdays!  I am going to share quick tips and tricks that help me get through my crazy days.

My first tip is for storing cards that go with TpT activities.  I started out using big Ziploc bags for each activity, but the bags never seemed to close right, and the cards still ended up all over the place.  When I did my file cabinet makeover last summer, I vowed to re-organize my TpT products, especially my book companions.

I decided to put each book companion in a hanging green file, and put each individual activity in its own file folder.  But, what would I do with all of those cards to keep them from falling out of the files when I picked them up?  Solution: envelopes.

I take a business sized envelope and seal it.  Then, I cut it in half and glue it to the inside of my file folder.  I label the envelope as needed, and I can place my cards inside without worry that they will be sliding all over the inside of the file folder.

I can then place the rest of the pages for the activity in the file, and store it all in my green hanging file.  Sometimes I even place the book in the file if it is a book companion.

There it is.  My first Tip and Trick on Tuesdays!  Hope you can use it!


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