Interactive Articulation Books!!!!

Have you been using interactive books with your students?  I have been using them for a variety of  themes for a while now.  I especially love to use them with my students that need extra visual supports. 

Interactive books have been a huge hit with my students.  
One day I had a winter themed interactive book sitting out on my table, and a group of articulation/fluency kids came into my room.  They were totally intrigued with these books!  I told them that they could use them, but had to focus on their fluency and articulation goals while they said the sentences.  I think what they loved most about these books was moving the pieces around using the Velcro!   
After this session, I thought, why not make articulation books?  I started with two different initial /k/ books, as this was the sound my Velcro excited kids were working on.  My students loved them!  I shared them on my Facebook page for a day to see if you all would be interested too, and the response was unanimous!  Interactive Articulation Books rock!

I have created six books for each sound.  Each sound has two books for the initial position, two books for the medial position, and two books for the final position.  The books differ by the types of sentences that are included. 

Level 1 has repeating sentences such as: “I see a cat.”
Level 2 has changing sentences that differ for each item.  E.g., “My cat likes to play with yarn.”

I have also included a data sheet for each position of sounds.  I think these will really help with progress monitoring. 
Here is everything you can make with the Interactive Articulation Books: K and G packet:

I have started to organize my books in a file box so that I can easily access each sound and progress monitoring sheet when I need it.  Each position of a sound has its own file.
I am so excited about these books!  So far, I have created books for k, g, f, v, s, z, p, b, m, th,
l-blends, r-blends, and s-blends.  You are able buy each of these sound packets separately, or as a huge savings, you can purchase these books in a bundle for 20% off.  This is a progressive bundle, so as sounds are added, you will be able to download the latest files for no additional charge if you purchase the bundle now!
Interactive Articulation Books are a great way to target your speech and language students sound goals in words in isolation as well as simple and complex sentences.  Students of all ages love moving the pieces!
You can find these products at my TpT store:
I hope you enjoy these as much as my students and I have!

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