Spring Bulletin Board Idea for a Speech and Language Therapy Room

I cannot even tell you how excited I am to be done with winter this year!!!  The snow and cold have been absolutely killing me.  I have been trying to will spring here for a few weeks now, and it is finally starting to warm up.  Hopefully it stays warmer!

Because it doesn’t quite look like spring outside here yet, I decided to brighten up the hallway by my speech room.  I put together a Spring into Speech and Language bulletin board.

I had my students help me out with all of the flowers.  I still have some groups to work with, so the board isn’t totally complete, but I wanted to share it today in honor of the first day of spring.  My articulation groups put their artic words on each petal of the flowers.  My language groups did some brain storming of spring words, and my students with ASD used some visuals to describe things they see in the spring.

Hopefully this pop of color in my hallway will continue to urge Mother Nature to allow spring to truly arrive!  Happy Spring everyone!

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