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Warning: This is a little non-speech related!
This summer, I had a great time hanging out at home with my family.  We took a few weekend trips, took lots of bike rides, and did a lot of swimming.  It was awesome!  This summer, I also had a project in mind.  I wanted to create a space where I could work on my computer, creating fun activities.  I also wanted to create a space where my boys could work on homework.

We had this room in our house that was a “playroom.”  Only problem was, my kids didn’t actually play in it.  They had a bunch of toys and things in there, but the toys were always played with in different locations.  The only thing they did do in there (besides collect junk) was color, draw, and do puzzles.

This is the space that I decided would be perfect for a transformation!

I know, what a mess, right?
We took a trip to IKEA, and bought two desks to run across the back wall.  I picked up the chairs, shelves, and rug there too.  I have to admit, I am a one stop shopping kind of girl.  I did make a few small trips to Target and TJ Maxx for some of the knick knacks and the curtains.  The lamps were ones that I already owned.
Here is the after picture:

I left two 3-drawer bins to hold a few toys and puzzles.  I also put some of the playdoh into the tiny purple bins that I found at Target.  The bookshelf is a bookshelf that I have had forever and just repainted.  I also kept up some Curious George covers that we had framed a while back. 

I am really excited to have a bright, cheery place to create activities and to complete school work at home.  Also, I’ll have my little guys right beside me working on their homework too. 

Here is a list of what I purchased:
Jules Swivel Chair (white/silver)
Micke Desk (white)
Gislev Rug

Threshold™ Fretwork Border Window Panel
ClosetMaid mini fabric drawers

Sorry about this totally non-speech related post, but I just wanted to share.  Can you tell I am loving my space?  Guess where I wrote this post?  That’s right!  At my new desk!

Thanks for looking,

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