Kindergarten Common Core State Standards Daily Language Workout

I have been thinking for a long time about this product I am about to share with you.  At my school, as I am sure is the case for many of you, I am asked to attend student achievement meetings.  Many times I am asked to screen students for language skills.  I am happy to do it, and can conduct a screening, but then what?  If the student appears that they are having difficulties, I can pick a couple of areas to target, but it always seemed a little haphazard to me.  After screening, I usually want to do at least 6-8 weeks of intervention before meeting again.  I thought, what if I could see the student everyday for about 5 minutes a day (similar to the Quick Articulation model).  How could I easily keep track of data and really target academically related language goals?  My idea was to create a daily workout for the speech language pathologist to complete with students.

The first grade I targeted was Kindergarten.  I am often called into meetings around conference time regarding Kindergarten students as this sometimes their first experience at school.  Teachers are concerned- is the student just young, do they just need a little boost to increase language skills, or is there a possible speech and language delay involved?

This is why I developed my Common Core Daily Language Workout.

In this packet, you will have all of the tools you need to conduct a 6-10 week language intervention with a Kindergarten students based on a variety of Language Common Core State Standards.  You can print and staple the entire packet and write the student name on the cover.  All of your information will be in one place.

The first item included is a Pre/Post Test.  This activity has nine different questions that you can use as baseline data to take to a meeting.  Then, after completing your desired number of weeks of intervention, you can administer the Pre/Post Test again to compare your data.  You can print an extra copy of this page to include at the end of your packet.  This is not a standardized test, just a baseline for the program I developed.

There are ten weeks that are included in this packet.  There are 13 Common Core State Standards that are targeted in the ten weeks.  The list is as follows:
Phonological Awareness
  • RF.K.2a  Recognize and produce rhyming words
  • RF.K.2b  Count, pronounce, blend, and segment syllables
  • RF.K.2c  Blend and segment onset and rimes of single syllable spoken words
  • RF.K.2d  Isolate and pronounce initial, medial and final sounds in CVC words
Comprehension and Collaboration
  • SL.K.1  Participate in collaborative conversations with diverse partners about K topics and texts.
  • SL.K.4  Describe familiar people, places, things, and events with prompting and support to provide additional details
Conventions of Standard English
  • L.K.1b  Use frequently occurring nouns and verbs
  • L.K.1c  Form regular plural nouns by adding -s or -es
  • L.K.1d  Understand and use question words
  • L.K.1e  Use the most frequently occurring prepositions
Vocabulary Acquisition and Use
  • L.K.5a  Sort common objects into categories
  • L.K.5b  Demonstrate understanding of frequently occurring verbs and adjectives with opposites
  • L.K.5c  Identify real-life connections between words and their use
There are two pages for each week.  Each page is divided by days.  There is one activity that targets one to two standards per day.  Each activity is labeled by its standard number.  There is also a place to record the date that the activity was completed.

I also included a check off sheet to document how many times each standard is targeted.  When an activity is completed, you simply reference the standard number and make a tally on the data sheet.  When you have completed your intervention, you will see how many times each standard was addressed.


There is space in each day’s box to take some small notes, and I also created a notes page for additional notes you may want to take.

I am so excited to start using this with my students.  I have started using it with my test Kindergartener at home, and it is going really well.  I love that now if a teacher asks me to look at a student for language, I have some concrete activities to look at.

You can get this packet HERE.

I hope you enjoy this packet as much as I do!


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