Going on a Picnic! A WH Question Activity

My kids love to go on picnics.  In the summer, we’ll pack up a basket for lunch and walk down to our favorite park.  My kids love the change of eating outside, and those regular peanut butter and jelly sandwiches just taste a little bit better.  When I saw a set of cute picnic clipart from MareeTruelove, I knew I had to get it and create something with it.  We have started working on some more WH type question with my ASD groups, and I thought this might be a perfect match.  So, I created:

Going on a Picnic! A WH Question Activity

In this packet, you will get 90 different question cards.  18 cards for each of 5 question types (who, what, where, when, why).  Each card is labeled at the bottom with the type of question asked for easier organization.

There is a fun “picnic basket” mat to collect all of the different items.  Students answer a question, and if they get it correct, they can keep the picnic item card.  The student who collects all of the 6 different items first, wins!

Watch out though, you could get ants in your basket and lose a card.

I also included 5 divider cards for organization.

You can get this activity packet HERE at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

The weather here is nicer this week.  I think I’ll take my students outside to our picnic tables at school to play this game this week!

***Update: 5/28/2013- We had rain today all day, but I was able to play with students inside!  We’ll see what the rest of the week brings…



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