A Day With a Cookie Sheet!

Cookie sheet that says using a cookie sheet in speech therapy written with marker
Today, I brought out the really high tech stuff!  A cookie sheet and a marker!!!!  I found the cookie sheet at the dollar store, and use it for some magnetic activities.  I found these great markers with the erasers on the ends at Office Max.  The kids LOVE using these.  I was able to use these two very simple items in some very different ways. 
The first student who used these items comes to speech in a one-on-one session.  We are working on both articulation and language skills.  The first objective we targeted was using /th/ in CV combinations.  I wrote “th” on one side of the cookie sheet and 5 vowels on the other side of the sheet.  Then, I drew a line from the th to each of the vowels.  The student was then told to say /th/ while erasing the line and then ending with the vowel sound that it connected to.  She loved doing this, and it really helped her to draw out the /th/ and combine it with the vowel sound.

The next objective we targeted was naming items in categories.  I pulled out my trusty “Let’s Name Things” cards by Super Duper.  I also pulled out a visual “spinner” from a board game that I have.  The student pressed the spinner to see how many items she needed to name from the categories on the cards.  We wanted to get to 20 items.  Every time she named an item correctly from a card, we drew a tally mark.  She really loved counting all of the tally marks and keeping track of how many she had completed.  She also loved erasing everything when we were done!


The next group I had was an articulation group working on their sounds at the sentence level. We again used the spinner to see how many sentences they had to make on their turn.  The goal was to get everyone to 20 sentences.  They got a tally mark for every sentece they created.  The students loved keeping track on the cookie sheet!  They thought it was so cool to write on it!

The last activity that I did with these materials was to target the prepositions above and below.  I did this activity with a kindergarten student.  I drew a “squiggly diggly” line down the middle of the cookie sheet.  Then I wrote the words ‘over’ and ‘under’ for reference.  I was then able to draw a variety of shapes and different pictures over and under the line.  I used this both expressively and receptively.  He was asked to point to pictures that were above or below the line and also asked to make sentences about the pictures.  E.G. “The square is over the squiggly diggly line.”  My student was completely cracking up about the “squiggly diggly” line!  He thought it sounded so funny, and really motivated him.  He was also really motivated by erasing the pictures when I was going to draw new ones.

Overall, I had a fun day with students using a few really simple items!

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