Secret Code Inferences- Using QR codes

At the beginning of the year, I saw a pin on Pinterest that had a  QR code on a little sign outside of your classroom door with all of your contact information.  I made one with all of my information and hung it up.  I’m not sure if anyone has ever actually scanned it (I am in a tiny corner of the school, so not a lot of traffic), but I see it every day.  It got me to thinking about trying to use the QR code a different way.  I decided that I wanted to make an activity that uses QR codes, but what?  Well, then one day, I was working with a Super Duper Main Idea set.  It is the one that has the “secret decoder” light.  Well, my little smarties figured out that the correct answer is colored just a little differently than the other two choices.  I started covering the letters up with a sticky note.  They LOVE using the decoder light, so I really wanted something similar that they might not be able to figure out a pattern to.  Then, I thought, “What if I made my own choices using QR codes?”  An idea was born.

Secret Code Inferences

Secret Code Inferences targets five different inferencing activities.  It looks at answering the following questions using clues: What are they getting ready to do? What happened? What am I? Where am I? and Who am I?  All of the activities have 16 clue sets presented in two different ways- with a choice of answers, and without a choice of answers.  Students can check all of their answers using a QR code reader on an iPad, iTouch, or other supported device.

What Are They Getting Ready To Do?

What Happened?

What Am I?

Where Am I?

Who Am I?

I am so excited about this new activity!  I hope that many of you can use it too!  All of the cute graphics are from

You can get Secret Code Inferences HERE!  I hope you like the activities, and that your students do too!

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