The Jacket I Wear In The Snow- Phonemic Awareness Book Companion

My students are loving using these book companion packets for their phonemic awareness work!  I have to confess, I am having fun making them too!

My latest book that we will be working on is: The Jacket I Wear In The Snow by Shirley Neitzel.

In my The Jacket I Wear In The Snow: A Phonemic Awareness Companion, I have included activities for syllable awareness, rhyme awareness, rhyme generation, onset-rime blending, sound blending, and some bonus cards for segmenting.

How Many Syllables?:

Recognizing Rhyme:


Generating Rhyme:

Blending Monosyllable Words Onset-Rime:

Blending Sounds to Make a Word:


You can find this packet at my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking HERE.

Thank you to everyone who has taken an interest in my phonemic awareness packs! Pass it on to your Kindergarten teachers if they could use something like it. 


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