Winter People Sentences- Pronouns

I have been working on some pronoun usage with my students and wanted something where the people were “holding” the item to show possession.  With my students with ASD, the closer to literal the better.  So, I decided to make this little people activity, and I think it turned out pretty well!

Winter People Sentences (3rd person pronouns he, she, they) is a free activity that works really well on targeting using he, she, and they in sentences.

I made six boards that contain either a boy, a girl, or a boy and a girl.  There are sentence starters on three of the boards, and no sentence starters on the other three.

I also made 24 item cards to go on the boards.  I laminated all of the items and put velcro dots on each card as well as the boards.  I think they turned out really cute!
You can get this activity for free here:

Winter People Sentences (3rd person pronouns he, she, they)

Please leave me some feedback if you like it.  Also, check out my Facebook page and Like Speech Universe for updates from me, ideas from other great SLP’s, and deals on apps and supplies that I find.

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