Articulation Station

I have decided that I want to share all of my favorite activities that I use on a regular basis with you.  I am going to do Marvelous Mondays to share those with you!  I promise, none of my Teacher Pay Teacher activities will be here (even though I do love those).

My first favorite is an app that actually just had an update, and has had a few giveaways that I have seen floating around.  Nope, sorry, I don’t have a giveaway just yet- I don’t think I am on the app developers radar yet!  So, my first Friday Favorite is Articulation Station by Little Bee Speech.

Articulation Station was developed by Heidi Hanks, MS, CCC-SLP who is a speech-language pathologist and author of the blog Mommy Speech Therapy.  The Pro version of this app costs $49.99, but is worth every penny if you work with students who are targeting a variety of sounds.  You can also download the free version of the app and just purchase the sounds that you need for a cost of $2.99-$5.99 each.

I love this app simply for the fact that I do not need to rummage around all of my articulation cards, especially when I have more that one student sitting in front of me.  I hate looking through all 52 cards for the placement I need.  With this app, I just pick the sound, pick words, sentences, or stories, then pick the placement- initial, medial, or final.

When you work on words, there are two different games you can play- flash cards and matching.  With flash cards, the students flip through about 20 words for their sound.  With matching, the students play a memory game.


You can then work on sentences with the students.  There are two different ways you can do this.  You can have rotating sentences where the picture changes, but the main part of the sentence remains the same, or you can have unique sentences where every sentence is different.


The final way to work on sounds is in stories.  There are two levels of stories.  Level 1 has stories that are easier to read, and Level 2 is a little more difficult to read.  Both levels are engaging for the students.  There is a quiz of three questions after every story.

No matter how you are working on the sounds, data collection is so easy!  There is a green check button and a red ‘x’.  The program keeps track of all correct and incorrect productions.  There is also a setting so that you can track approximations.  You can then save the data under each student.  You can even save recordings now too.

Articulation station is on sale for 20% off today, Monday, December 17th.  If you don’t have this app and were waiting to get it, NOW IS THE TIME!  It is a great app, and all of my students love using it!

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