Category Sorting

I work with many students who need work on categorization of items.  I have several kindergarten students as well as some of my older students with ASD who work on this goal.  I love having a very visual, but simple way to work on this so as not to overwhelm students.  I made an activity that can target categories in a variety of ways.

Category Sorting is an activity available on Teachers Pay Teachers.  With this activity, you can target both sorting and expression of categories.

Sorting:  Laminate and cut out the 8 mats and all 24 item cards.  You can put out two mats at a time or up to eight depending on the skill of the student.  Some of my students with ASD have a really difficult time when there is too much in their visual field, so I usually limit the amount with them. 

Expression:  The student can state a sentence for each item such as “A cow is a farm animal” or “A bathing suit is summer clothing.”

I included a sheet of items pictures with labels and one sheet without labels. 
You can get Category Sorting at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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