Mr. Potato Head

I love finding fun ways to get my students with ASD to communicate, comment, and request.  Mr. Potato Head is a great activity that lends itself to lots of requesting for multiple items.  Plus, it works on body parts too.

There are so many different sets of Mr. Potato Head out there right now.  One of the ASD teachers that I work with had an industrial size bin from Costco that had two potatoes, lots of hats, eyes, ears, lips, teeth,etc., and even some hair!  I asked to borrow this jumbo bin today and had fun with students who were able to use sentence strips to request the parts that they wanted to put on the potato.  Here is the little guy we created:

I used a huge board that I purchased from Pyramid Educational Consultants as a place for all of my icons and a sentence strip.  Students placed their icons on the sentence strip and requested each piece.  I made it simple and only had one choice for each piece (i.e., one nose, one mouth, etc.).  If you want to add attributes to request, you can use color icons also.  Students then ask for the “red nose” or the “yellow feet” instead of just “feet.”

Here are the cards I used for this activity:

You can find these cards as a FREEBIE here: Requesting Parts for a Potato Friend

Have fun creating silly potato friends!


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